Carmen Paulino

Carmen Paulino is a Visual Artist who works on providing Community Art programming in Hospitals, Community Centers, and Senior Centers around New York City. Carmen was raised in the El Barrio neighborhood of New York City where she developed her love for the arts with inspirational murals from around her diverse neighborhood. Carmen’s artwork takes real life experiences, visuals her surroundings, and life experiences from living in such a diverse melting pot of cultures.

As a young child Carmen watched her mother and grandmother Knit, Crochet, and Sew unique traditional quilts and patterns. Carmen was also inspired by her Father who was a musician and performed in several traditional salsa Bands. These experiences later inspired her to start her own techniques and to produce her own works with mixed mediums. Carmen has since crafted and created many crochet pieces, Artwork, and murals which are all inspired by her upbringing in Spanish Harlem New York.